Sublease/Lease Assignment (Termination) Info

If you need to move out earlier here is how the situation will be handled  should you need to sublease or assign your lease before you current lease expires. In both cases of sublease/lease assignment the prospective subtenant/new tenant will need to apply online at the link on How to Rent page or here: and be approved by management.

1. SUBLEASE. If you find someone interested in renting your unit short-term only you will need to sublease your unit. You will become like a landlord to a subtenant and hold his/her security deposit and your security deposit will be refunded within 30 days of you current lease end date.

2. LEASE ASSIGNMENT (aka lease termination). If you find a prospective tenant that is interested in signing the lease for 12month or more with lease ending in the end of June or July you can assign your lease to him/her. The new tenant will take over the responsibilities of your lease and your security deposit will be refunded within 30 days of you new lease end date.

A move out walk through will need to be scheduled if you do lease assignment.

Here is some additional information:

SECURITY DEPOSIT – one month rent unless pets are present (see  pet policy)

When you advertise your unit we recommend placing Craigslist ads as well as ad. Please remember to renew your listings every two days on Craigslist to keep them current. Feel free to advertise on other housing web sites like to name a few more.