What Our Tenants Have to Say…

“I really enjoyed living there and appreciated your wonderful conduct as a landlord! I’ll be recommending you to my friends and students for sure.”
Tara B. 9/04/2017

“Thank you again for all you have done for us. This house is a dream come true for us and we’ve loved it every day.”
Libby D & John M. 6/04/2017
“It’s been a pleasure renting from you and I already miss the place.”
Alison D. 7/26/2016

“I sincerely appreciate your timely response and actions. I feel fortunate to have found an apartment run by such attentive landlords, which in my experience is quite rare.”
David T. 2/22/2015

“We also wanted to thank you for being such great landlords, responding to our issues in a timely manner and providing a great place for us to live for the past 2 years!”
Mary Kate S. and John B. 1/23/2015

“You were both excellent landlords and I very much appreciate it.”
Belinda D. 3/18/2014

“I want to say thanks for being so responsive with our recent plumbing issues. Things always seem to happen all at once and we appreciate the prompt communication.”
Chelsie G. 1/17/2014

“I [..] wanted to thank you for being excellent landlords over the past year. Chris and I dealt with a few landlords during our years in Iowa City and it was always a frustrating and difficult process until working with [you]. You were incredibly fair and detail-oriented.”
Kailey S. & Chris S. 8/28/13

“Thanks for being the best landlords I’ve ever had! Just wanted to say thank you for everything you do! You have always responded and been very helpful whenever we have needed anything.”
Carissa K. 12/19/12

“You guys were excellent landlords and were always accessible and prompt when it came to the unit.”
Nick S. 10/30/12

“You were the best landlords I have ever had. Always speedy and attentive to the tenants needs.”
Kyle N. 8/30/2012

“You seem like a great landlord and care about our concerns.”
Kirsten E. 6/29/11

“Thanks to both you and Daniel for being good landlords.”
Valerie S. 3/2/11